Monday, December 3, 2007

THE OTHER SIDE OF MEMORY- by Ridha Ridha - Art works

THE OTHER SIDE OF MEMORY- Art works by Ridha Ridha

Ridha Ridha Art works that has been completed in exile. It represents his reflections on the tragedy of his homeland (IRAQ) and the untold suffering of the Iraqi people throughout the past half century, from the rule of the Fascist Ba’ath to the American occupation, and the eruption of terrorism and sectarian war, which seriously threatens to annihilate everything noble that the Iraqi culture and history stand for.

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Julie said...

Powerful, powerful message!!! You have such a strong voice and the most visually stunning expression for it. This art, how could it not change us, transform us, open a new way to beauty and understanding? Powerful. Your art is humbling.

Yours truly,