Friday, January 11, 2008

MOMENTS OF SILENCE – Art presentation by Ridha Ridha

MOMENTS OF SILENCE – Art presentation by Ridha Ridha

Moments of silence present imaginative artworks, which combine the art of photography with painting. The international artist RIDHA RIDHA represent dramatic scenes in his own way. His extraordinary visual intensity is clearly reflected here. The music of the international composer KITARO accompanies this presentation.

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Julie said...

Viewing this, " Moment of Silence " series, deepens my sense of what it is to be fully awake. You show poignant moments that still the internal, so that it might learn to pause and take notice. I have much adoration for your work, philosophy and the way you express the vitality of life. Visually your work is deeply stirring. Thank you for the gift you give all of us, your soulful art.

~Julie Huntsinger